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  • Best-fit Technology
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meet nebulon smartInfrastructure

Server-embedded, infrastructure software delivered as-a-service

get the cloud experience, on-prem with smartInfrastructure

nebulon smartInfrastructure is server-embedded, infrastructure software delivered as-a-service, which offers self-service provisioning, infrastructure management and enterprise shared and local data services, across your entire on-prem deployment, anywhere for any application.

the best part? you will never have to depend on HCI or 3-tier architectures again.


Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

Easily access on-demand disaster recovery, delivered as a SaaS solution, with cloud economics.


On-Demand Disaster Recovery, Delivered

VMware Cloud DR, an outperformer in Ransomware Recovery

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Benefits of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Hear from Gartner and industry experts on how to drive cost optimization with DRaaS.

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Pilot Light

Provision a small failover footprint capacity in the cloud and scale on-demand.

Instant Power-On

Easily roll out new infrastructure and applications with minimal training.

Immutable Snapshots

Protect your data from malware thanks to a deep history of immutable snapshots.

Detailed DR Reports

Provide proof that DR plans are being tested and executed correctly.

Delta-based Failback

Minimize failback cloud egress charges and optimize DR operational costs.

Continous DR Health Checks

DR health checks are automatically run every 30 minutes for increased reliability.

Corporate Digital Nervous System

The Corporate Digital Nervous System or C-DNS is built of integrated modules or systems designed to help Local Government Units and Private Companies for their Operations and Administrative Business Processes.

An Affordable World Class Web Based ERP Software with customizable Modules and Unlimited Licenses, C-DNS wil help companies boost productivity and profit by automating and integrating its key Business Processes through Data Integration.

Integrated Local Government Unit System

The Integrated Local Government Unit System or iLGUs is an Award-Wining System with a goal to help you implement computerization across all LGU's Real-Time and Accurate Financial Position, Processing Efficiency and On Demand Government Reporting. With iLGUs, we can create a Legacy of making LGU Constituents Life Better.

Extreme Business Tool

Connect your Business Activities under a Centralized System with the Extreme Business Tool or eBT. An Enterprise Rerource Planning System (ERP) with high class features and benefits that is suitable for different types of industry at a reduced cost of investment. eBT is a one-stop solution for Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Financials and Banking.


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